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Synektik, the owner of the portal, is an entirely Polish company, present on the medical market since 2001. It is a leading manufacturer of IT solutions and radiopharmaceutical products, as well as a provider of service and measurement services and advanced medical devices used in diagnostics and therapy in the fields of oncology, cardiology and neurology.

Since the very beginning of the company's activity, Synektik's team of programmers has been developing and improving its own IT solutions for radiology. The flagship product was ArPACS, one of the first PACS systems delivered to Polish hospitals since 2004. Thanks to the observation of changes taking place on the medical market, its challenges and needs, as well as almost twenty years of experience, the concept of creating an innovative teleradiological platform called was born in Synektik.

Teleradiology, like all digital progress and transformation, is indispensable. The society and modern lifestyle forces rapid changes in this direction. The Internet shortens distances, overturns borders, eliminates exclusion. Teleradiology, above all, means easier access to specialists regardless of time and location (both at night and in sparsely populated areas). aims to contribute to expanding the traditional model of providing radiological services through:

  • increasing the quality of radiological services
  • letting access to consultation of specialists in other fields
  • universality and accessibility to the professional services, not only for the healthcare but also for patients
  • more efficient work, processes automation solutions
  • seamless exchange of information between healthcare facilities, doctors and patients
  • optimisation of work and activation of home-based doctors to fill out the shortage of radiologists
  • securing the supply of highly specialised medical services at a time when more and more diagnostic radiological examinations are being carried out each year (greater patient awareness, greater availability of equipment, more civilisation diseases, better diagnostics and preventive measures).

We invite you to join us on a journey into the world of Teleradiology. Whether you are a doctor or a patient, medicine is part of your life and your loved ones. Create an account now to consult your research today!