Korzyści - zdjęcie


Efficient (co-)work

  • Growing number of incoming orders from all over the country, from healthcare facilities and directly from patients
  • Improvement of management, notification and coordination processes for the team of doctors (including remote doctors)
  • Always diagnostic quality of images and access to historical examination
  • Access to the free market of orders and the possibility to determine preferred order types (modality, specialisation, anatomical parts) for better performance
  • Quantitative and quota lists for performed services and statistics on specific doctors (billing module)
  • Easy sharing of examinations and orders

Win customers and recruit physicians

Every healthcare facility and doctor who has an account on Zbadani.pl has the public profile to be able to establish cooperation with them. They are already integrated with us, which means with you as well. Invite them to cooperate in order to gain access to new orders, but also to the specialists as the scale of your business develops.

Effective management

Thanks to the billing module, you will quickly, efficiently and conveniently settle with your clients, but also with the doctors who provide the services of description and consultation for you. The platform offers quantitative and quota statements in the form of reports, which can be easily exported e.g. to a spreadsheet (Office).

Monitor and motivate

In the provider's portal you can monitor key indicators for your business in real-time. Use them to optimise your service centre and increase the efficiency of your doctors.