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For the sake of your health

  • Radiological results from multiple healthcare sites in one place - one login, no queues
  • Access to medical services: radiologist (2nd opinion) and specialist
  • Search engine for the specialists, access to the archival examinations
  • Making the examination available to your doctor during the inpatient visit

Take care of yourself for your loved ones

Consult the examinations and order the second radiological opinion from the best specialists in Poland. You have the right to have multiple doctors' opinions. Your health is the most precious! Remember that after each consultation performed via Zbadani.pl, you have time to contact the doctor to ask additional questions.

All examinations in one place

After free registration, we will conduct a search of all the hospitals, facilities, and imaging diagnostic offices that are integrated with us to find your radiological medical records. We will gather all the information in one place so that you can access it easily.

Find a medical point of care, physician, diagnostician or consultant

Thanks to the possibility of finding doctors, facilities and diagnostic offices, in one place you will find contact details to them, order a consultation or ask for a second opinion, making your examination available to them, directly from the facility where it was performed. You don't have to download it to disk or upload it via the internet.