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Safety and cost optimization

  • Minimal cost of implementation and full integration with all facilities, teleradiology services provider and doctors (freelancers) delivering radiology interpretations
  • Issuing and delivery of results through the Patient Portal
  • Possibility to provide new commercial services like consultations and diagnosis of DICOM exams
  • Filling the staff shortage by outsourcing work to remote doctors - minimizing the queue in describing examinations and optimizing the costs of performing services
  • Guaranteed data security and high quality - always working on images in diagnostic quality (DICOM)

Assign orders as you like and to whomever you want

Easy and quick ordering for remote radiological interpretation. Both from the medical care portal on Zbadani.pl and your RIS/HIS system.

Tailor-made integration

Integration with RIS/PACS, or maybe sending orders through a dedicated portal of the facility for examinations received directly from the diagnostic equipment? The Zbadani.pl offers many integration scenarios, using standards such as IHE, HL7, ADT, DICOM and it's own. For nearly two decades we have been integrating propriety medical software with diagnostic devices and medical solutions of other manufacturers.

Freedom of choice and no limits

When you belong to the Zbadani.pl community, you are free to choose whom you want to assign your orders and change your mind as many times as you want. Apart from the teleradiology providers, there are many professional doctors on the platform who provide radiodiagnostic services individually, thanks to which access to radiologists becomes even greater.