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We care about your peace

  • Possibility to work remotely and to cooperate with other doctors, including the advantage of consulting examinations between colleagues
  • An internal communicator, allowing the exchange of information between co-workers but also the possibility of contacting the patient who ordered the second opinion or consultation
  • DICOM image quality, access to historical examinations and diagnosis descriptions
  • A user-friendly interface adapted to the real needs of physicians

All information at a glance

The initial medical recognition, referral (PDF) and any data about the study are displayed in the describing window. Quick access to a wider context about the patient improves ergonomics and increases the comfort of the diagnostician or consultant.

Historical patient examinations

Sometimes, to make a full diagnosis, it is necessary to have access to other studies, e.g. to compare treatment progress. In the describing window, you will find information about other patient examinations, which you will be able to download for the time of the order.

Free collaboration

We provide you with many tools to cooperate with others. As a doctor, you can share your assignment with selected colleagues to ask them for professional help in making a diagnosis. If there is no sufficient information from the principal, you can initiate a conversation with the coordinator of the healthcare facility or even with the patient himself.

Not just interpretations

Professional radiological examination consultation services provided on behalf of a patient are an excellent alternative source of income, especially for specialist doctors who are not radiodiagnosticians but have expert knowledge of their medical field.

Hold your hand on the pulse

The platform will inform you about every important event, according to the chosen communication channels. Thanks to this, you will not miss any important information, such as urgent description orders from ER, even if you are in the process of describing other current orders from the queue.

Your eyes are important to us

We know how critical it is to detect the slightest change in the patient's examination. That is why we have introduced a dark mode of the interface, so that it does not bother your eyesight and that its sensitivity level remains constant when switching from diagnostic to descriptive monitor.

Co-created by the radiologists

Professionals for professionals - no compromises! The Zbadani.pl platform was created with the full involvement of doctors radiologists, who took part in designing, evaluating and testing many solutions that improve work ergonomics and efficiency of the description, in terms of time consumption, but above all, in terms of diagnostic quality.